Benefits of Drinking Water We Often Fail to Notice

How many liters of water do you drink everyday? 3-4 glasses… 8 glasses or a gallon? The truth is that although you don’t need to drink 3 quarts or liters of water each day, we fail to drink even 2-3 glasses. Additionally, most of us consume tea/coffee or smoke everyday which further contributes to the lack of hydration in the body. Hardly paying attention to our daily water intake, we fall prey to several health problems. So, instead of practicing bad health habits, then popping pills and visiting doctors, let us learn about the benefits of drinking water and practice water therapy. You’ll do your body and your finances a huge favor!

What is Water Therapy?
Just to be more precise about the whole deal, let me answer this question explicitly and keep the ambiguity away. Water therapy entails drinking water early morning right after you wake up. Drink up to a quart and a half or 6 glasses of water even before you brush your teeth. Though the later part of the statement is cringe-worthy to many, this helps cleanse your colon, aid in better functioning of the body and eliminate diseases. You can brush your teeth after drinking water. As a matter of fact, this therapy has been around for many centuries and been practiced ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. It was later adopted in ancient Chinese and Indian medicine as well.

If feasible, store the water in a copper vessel overnight. It maximizes the benefits of drinking it. After drinking water, you must allow yourself 45 minutes before eating, drinking anything else or exercising rigorously. This time window ensures that the modus operandi of this therapy is not disturbed. It is recommended that the consumption of alcohol be avoided as much as possible. Although not advisable, if you have alcohol the previous evening, you do not need to skip your water therapy session in the morning. Please note, the therapy will increase the frequency of urination to help get rid of bodily wastes. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of having to force yourself to gulp down so much water one fine morning, you can start with a glass or two of water and gradually increase its quantity. You can drink natural spring water, filtered or boiled tap water.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Water?
Oft repeated, I am going to say it one more time. Water helps flush out toxins that are the root of all your health woes. Alternative medicine advocates that drinking plentiful water when one wakes up, is useful in cleansing the bowel. This said, water therapy has wide range of benefits. If water is consumed by following the right method, it purifies the human body, gives you a healthier colon which is more effective in forming new fresh blood; the process is known as Haematopaises in medical terms. This blood helps in curing ailments and restoring health. Not only this, the mucousal folds of the colon and intestines are also activated by this method. The therapy simultaneously forms and maintains a regular pattern of drinking water.