How to get rid of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a strong psychotropic drug, obtained from coca leaves, which has psychostimulating effects upon admission. The addict feels a rush of strength, euphoria, gives freedom of action, liberates. In addition, cocaine relieves pain, improves well-being, gives a surge of energy, speeds up the thought process and improves memory. Many of these effects only seem to be a drug addict, and this effect lasts up to an hour, after which there is a breakdown, depression, hallucinations and other disorders. If you are thinking about how to quit using cocaine, you are already on the path of recovery. The desire is motivated by the real problems that the drug creates, which means that you have the incentive to get rid of addiction.

How is the dependence formed?

Cocaine forms a strong dependence from the first doses. Sometimes it seems that when you use a drug, for example, once a week, you are not yet a drug addict, because you can easily live without a drug for a few more days. But most drug addicts do not even notice how the “dry” period between doses shrinks, and cocaine intake becomes daily.

Before starting Crack cocaine treatment, the addict lives in the heaviest dependence on the drug. Constant use provokes irreversible changes in the brain, affecting the centers of pleasure, self-control and will. Because of this, even a person who wants to stop physically cannot live without a drug. Even categorically deciding to quit using cocaine, you will come across an obsessive desire to take a dose for several months. Even after a year or more after taking the last dose, the addict feels a desire to once again experience the buzz. This desire becomes stronger with accompanying stress, depression, which ultimately increases the chances of relapse.

Symptoms of Cocaine Consumption

Cocaine dependence is one of the most difficult varieties of cocaine addiction, getting rid of it is accompanied by an intensive withdrawal syndrome. If you decide to quit using cocaine, you will have to face such symptoms:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Various mental disorders, including suicidal tendencies
  • Apathy and a strong decline of strength
  • Excessive irritability
  • The inability to focus on something
  • Headaches and other pains
  • Problems with appetite
  • Very strong craving for drugs

The condition of the thrower can be consistently bad for several months. Even when the physical condition improves, the psyche will demand the next dose. How to stop using cocaine in such conditions? It is very important not to switch to any substitute drugs or other drugs yourself, as well as alcohol. Soon it will lead to addiction and a new addiction. Coping with this will be much more difficult.

General principles of treatment

The vast majority of former drug addicts who won the craving for cocaine underwent a specialized course of inpatient rehabilitation, which is the most preferred form of treatment for this type of addiction. A variant of outpatient therapy is also possible, but everything depends on the patient’s condition.