If you thought obesity and its effects were a private concern, think again. Research has indicated that obesity can affect one’s professional life too. So, how does obesity affect employees and overall employment? Know how, in this write-up…

Transportation is one of the top careers with the heaviest employees. According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index survey, bus drivers have an obesity rate of 36 percent, which is the highest among 14 other occupation groups surveyed.
Ever heard of an employer saying, “You have an interesting CV, but you are 50 pounds too heavy to apply for this position”, or “Your appraisal is frozen until you shed that flab off your waist”. It is strange that two diverse issues like body image and profession would be talked upon an even platform. We all know that a pleasant personality is always liked by one and all, but how much should your body image affect your employment? Legally, discriminating between employees or candidates on the basis of body image is wrong. But in recent times, many factors are changing the perspective of employers.

Does being obese affect work productivity? Is obesity an obstacle in achieving your professional dreams? According to studies and research, yes. Obesity is on the rise, and can cause losses to both the employer and the employee. This Buzzle write-up gives you a fresh view of how obesity can affect, not only hiring trends, but also your professional growth and success.

Effects of Obesity On Employment

✒ According to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive/HealthDay, it was found that more than 52 percent people in the obese or morbidly obese category said that they felt discriminated when it came to applying for a job or being considered for a promotion.

✒ When views of HR professionals were noted, on whether being obese affected an employee’s career, most opinions showed discrimination. More than 90 percent hiring crew would choose a healthier candidate as compared to obese applicants, even if both had the same experience and qualification. Obese employees were also more easily overlooked when it came to promotions.

✒ While employees have their share of losses, let us also take a look at how obesity can affect employers. Well, employers have to shell an extra buck for obese employees as far as health care and compensation costs are concerned. Medical and disability claims also increase the employer’s financial burden. It was observed that, the cost companies bear for health care was 21 percent higher for obese people, than the cost for employees with a healthy weight.

✒ It is also observed that obese workers have a higher absenteeism rate, as compared to their healthy counterparts. This directly affects productivity and work, which adds up to the losses for the employer or business.